Gutter Cleaning

We Help Your Gutters Work For You!

You probably don't spend much time thinking about your gutters. That's okay - we do! That means we'll do the hard, dangerous. dirty work for you. We have the equipment, skills, and experience to get your gutters mucked out and flowing freely, in no time.

The Importance of Gutters

Michigan averages more than 30 inches of rainfall every year and approximately 64 inches of snowfall annually. That’s a lot of precipitation. And it highlights the importance of clear, free-flowing gutters for your property. The main purpose of gutters and downspouts is to move precipitation away from your home and its foundation. This helps prevent dangerous and costly water damage.

To function properly, your gutters must be kept free of blockages -- like leaves, dirt, mud, and other debris. In Michigan, we enjoy beautiful trees and plants. But the downside is how easily your gutters can fill with seed pods, needles, leaves, and other vegetation. Maintenance is key. But there’s no need to stress over the unwelcome and potentially dangerous task of mucking out your gutters. Instead, just call on Roof Renew of Michigan for professional gutter cleaning services.

Are your Gutters Clogged?

There are various signs that indicate you may have clogged gutters. Naturally, you could climb up and look. Clearly, that’s not the most desirable option – it’s hazardous and you may not even have a ladder tall enough. But you don’t really need to. The following issues are symptoms of a blocked gutter:

  • Visually saggy gutters. This means they’re full. Sometimes they’re even pulling away from your home. That happens when the problem persists for too long.
  • Staining and mildew on or around your gutters -- the result of long-standing water.
  • Rain flows over the sides of the gutter, rather than down the drainpipes. Debris is preventing the flow of water that your gutter is designed for.
  • Visual plant growth. You’ve started a garden in your gutters!
  • More pests around your roof and gutters. Birds, snakes, and rodents are drawn to gutters full of dirt and leaves. They make good nests and hiding places.
  • You’ve never had your gutters cleaned or it’s been so long, you’ve forgotten the last time it was done. A semi-annual cleaning schedule can help ensure unblocked gutters.

Call Roof Renew of Michigan if you’re experiencing any of these problems. But you don’t need to wait for these issues to arise. Prevention is the smart option. So, contact us for a free estimate. Our pros are trained, experienced, and equipped to get the job done right.