Roof Renew Of Michigan

Do you have ugly stains, moss or lichen on your roof? Dirty mildew-stained siding, concrete, or decks? Bulging, overflowing gutters? We have the solution! Do you have a roof that needs to be cleaned to bring back its appearance and have it function properly? Is your siding dirty or is algae growing on it?

Perhaps your concrete is looking old with black mildew stains, maybe even rust from your landscaping irrigation. Our professionals will knock the dirt and grime off your outdoor surfaces – or gently remove these contaminants. We apply the proper cleaning techniques to each, and every job. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Roof Renew of Michigan is a leading provider of professional roof cleaning and exterior cleaning services for your home or business. Our motto is to deliver only the best. Rest assured that our cleaning team always offer a process that is best suited to your situation. We make every decision based on safety and full protection of your biggest investment – be it commercial or residential.

Happy thoughts from our clients

"Fantastic!!! I am 100% pleased with the work done on my roof. Prompt, professional, polite, and reasonable. I would highly recommend Roof Renew folks!"

-Greyerbiehl,Shelly MI

"What a delightful surprise! It looks great. Thank you for restoring my roof. I will be sure to send business your way!"
- Barb, Alanson MI

"Timely, profession, dedicated! Great business people! Highly recommend"
- Kolly, Benjamin MI

"Jodi, I don't make it a habit of doing the Google reviews for services. I can tell you that your guys were great, very conscientious, and did a very nice job. We have appreciated our relationship and look fwd. to maintaining it."
- Doug, Indian River MI

Roof Cleaning & So Much More!

Roof Renew Of Michigan LLC - Exterior Prowash

Embrace clean with a thorough wash of your home’s exterior surfaces. Rely on our soft wash method to remove algae, mold, mildew, and grime without causing any damage to your property.

Avoid roof rot and other damage with our professional roof cleaning services. We clean natural wood roofs, cedar shingles, asphalt, and other roofing materials with skill, care, and attention to detail.

Remove potential slip and fall or tripping hazards on your walkways and driveways with our professional concrete and paver washing services. Plus, refresh and renew the appearance of these surfaces. Give family members, residential guests, visitors, and consumers a beautiful impression of your property.

Skip a dangerous foray up to your roof to scoop out your overflowing gutters. But don’t skip the benefits of clean gutters. Let our pros take care of this undesirable, but essential, home maintenance task.

Dependable Deck Cleaning For Your Michigan Property Your deck is a considerable investment. It's also a smart and comfortable way to extend your living space. You enjoy the outdoors, family time, gatherings, parties, and cook-outs on your deck. It's important to keep it safe, hygienic, and visually appealing for optimum enjoyment. Because your deck is exposed to outdoor elements year-round, debris, dirt, and algae can build up quickly. This accumulation mars the beauty of your outdoor recreational space. It also presents safety hazards - slips, trips, and falls. That's why regular deck washing is an essential part of your deck maintenance regimen. Why Hire Professional Cleaners? Your deck is outdoors, and you own a garden hose. Why do you need to hire a cleaning company? Well, a hose isn’t going to cut it on mold, mildew, algae, and built-up dirt and sludge. You need pressurized water to blast away that grime. But before you rush out and rent a pressure washer, be sure you understand all the variations of this sensitive, yet powerful equipment. You must select the right pressure/pump psi, use the proper pressure nozzles, and apply a constant, steady hand while cleaning. Wood, concrete, and painted surfaces are all washed differently. The wrong choices and applications can cause damage. You can mar the finish, erode paint, disfigure the wood, mark up and etch the surfaces, and do other damage. Applying the wrong cleaning chemicals and detergents carry potential dangers, as well. In addition to the damage they might do to your deck, they can harm your pets and vegetation. At the very least, they simply won’t do the job. Avoid all these problems and secure a clean deck with the skilled exterior ProWash cleaners at Roof Renew of Michigan! Thorough Deck Cleaning Services Our team is prepared to clean with the equipment, cleaning solutions, and skill you desire. Our cleaners are prompt, courteous, professional, and thorough. We respect your property, privacy, and time. We do the job quickly, with minimum disruption to your day. But we never cut corners or shirk our responsibilities. As a matter of fact, we carefully remove vegetation and debris (sticks, leaves, needles, etc.) from your deck before treating the surface. We also clean up any debris after we complete the job. View some before and after deck cleaning photos for a visual representation of the difference our deck cleaning services can make. Then call us at 231-548-2008 to discuss your project. You can rely on Roof Renew of Michigan for thorough cleaning with beautiful results!

Extend the life of your outdoor recreational space with our qualified deck cleaning/washing. You’ll enjoy a more beautiful deck -- free of debris, dirt, mold, and other pollutants -- when you call on our pros!

Protect your business investment with an economical solution – a thorough professional exterior wash. Our outdoor surface cleaning services help deliver the look of a new property without the high cost of renovation. It’s a smart expenditure in aesthetics and safety.

When we evaluate your property, we give you an accurate, detailed estimate. It tells you exactly what you’re paying for. We have seen situations where other contractors leave a coffee-stained, crumpled up piece of paper on the porch with a dollar amount on it, and that’s it. With Roof Renew of Michigan, LLC, you'll receive a detailed estimate via email or regular mail.

A Clean Roof Protects Your Investment

Your roof is a huge collector of dust, dirt, smog, mildew, pollen, algae, fungus, grime and other air pollutants. This grime must be removed if your roof is to look its best, and function properly!