About Us

Professionalism With Experience Is your home looking dingy? Is it stained with mildew, mold, dirt, and other grime? Whether you are: A Homeowner Real Estate Agent You want your property to look its best. Skilled exterior professional washing services will renew your home’s appearance – efficiently and affordably. This deep clean enhances curb appeal and helps maintain the exterior surfaces of the home. Roof Renew Exterior Prowash specializes in restoring the beauty of your property with safe, professional results. We respect your residential investment and are vigilant in protecting your plants and surrounding landscaping. We have several years of contract cleaning experience behind us. And the testimony of our many satisfied clients backs up our commitment to client satisfaction. You can be assured that we are going to stand behind our work with pride.

How We Began

This venture began when a neighbor came to us with distress over black streaks on their roof. Their home was going to be featured in a log home magazine and they were devastated at the thought of their beautiful, landscaped log home being photographed with an unsightly roof. We researched, treated and succeeded in removing all black streaks and renewed the appearance along with the functionality of their roof.

Our Quest To Rid Roofs of 'Black Streaks'

Following that adventure, everywhere we went all we saw were black streaks and realized what a need there is for this service. We have invested money and time into research, education, training and networking with roof cleaners and power washers across the U.S. to be able to provide an alternative to roof replacement. This is the simple beginning of a specialized and proficient service required by many.

With Success, Come Expansion

Due to the success of the roof cleaning portion of our business and numerous requests by past clients, we have expanded our business to also include house washing, building exteriors, wood restoration and concrete cleaning.

We will provide the most affordable process to effectively clean your investment on an individual basis. Our process:

  • On-site consultation and inspection of area that needs to be renewed

  • Honest, professional and thorough proposal of steps needed to complete the job

  • Remove debris off surface being treated. Needles, sticks, leaves, etc.

  • Apply appropriate cleaning solution or commercial grade surface cleaner.

  • Rinse area and if appropriate apply brightening agent.

  • Clean up any debris from landscaping and surrounding area.

  • Provide maintenance or prevention process for the following years.